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We exist to serve hotels.

We exist to serve hotels

Managing a network is hard and can be downright daunting if you lack the tools and experience. Our network engineers and technicians have extensive experience with a broad range of hardware and software and are dedicated to ensuring that your network is running as smoothly as it can. Almost anyone can plug things in and input a few settings, but in a highly complex environment such as a hotel network, you need a partner with the tools and experience to ensure that the little things don't get overlooked.

Inside the Mind of a Hero



As with most things in life, with network infrastructure it is the little things that usually matter most. We make sure to spend the time on the details to make sure nothing gets missed and every project we work on is completed with the utmost care.



We truly love what we do, and we truly care about the outcome of every project we are involved with - We don’t leave until we are happy with the job that we have done. They don’t call it Heroic Service and Support© for nothing.



At the end of the day, a partner is only as good as their word. At Sunray we treat every project as if it were our own, and stand by our work regardless of what happens, which is why our very first customer is still our customer.

Our Services


Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource any of our installation work. Every installation is done by the same engineers that design, configure and support the network. This ensures that the job is done properly - right from the start.

Site Survey

Sunray can help to assess the current state of your network to help pinpoint problems with current infrastructure and help make informed decisions about upgrades. Our technicians can test your network’s wireless signal strength, audit security and performance, and provide a comprehensive network map.

Network Engineering

No matter the size of your hotel or the complexity of your infrastructure, rest assured that Sunray has experience in working with networks of every size. From the smallest to the largest, our network engineers will customize the solution to meet your needs.

Network Cleanup

Many networks suffer from lack of documentation, unused or misused settings, bad cable management and other poor hygiene issues. Our technicians can make sure your network documentation and configuration is up­-to­-date and your data closets are clean and manageable, all of which can save valuable time and money over the lifespan of your network.

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77.3% have experienced poor signal coverage at previous hotels